FansRave® Announces a New Deals Website that Works Like Pinterest

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FansRave® today announced the formal release of a deals website that makes it easy for friends and family to find and share great deals at their favorite restaurant and retail locations. Pinterest users will find FansRave® very easy to use. FansRave® is an ideal website for couponers to save great deals they find online into savings tabs they organize. Deals can easily be shared with friends, family and followers just like images are shared on Pinterest.

Finding great local deals currently takes way too much time. Consumers have to search websites, email clubs, Facebook pages, daily deals sites, newspapers and flyers for great deals. FansRave® dramatically reduces the time to find great deals at a consumer’s favorite local restaurants and shops by making it easy to share great deals among friends, family and co-workers.

It’s no secret why Pinterest grew so quickly. Pinterest made it so easy to find and share images just by finding people with common interests and following them. People that know how to use Pinterest will find it very easy to save and organize deals in FansRave®.

FansRave® currently offers the following features with an expanding feature list as the application is under continuous development:

  • Invite family, friends and co-workers to share your savings tabs
  • Send messages to other FansRave® users
  • Save deals into private savings tabs
  • Removes expired deals automatically
  • Follow other local FansRave® users
  • Supports affiliate links for couponers and bloggers

FansRave® is the first site to save consumers the huge amount of time it takes to find great deals at the places they like to eat and shop.

FansRave® is free for consumers to use. It currently has hundreds of available deals at large national and regional retail chains.

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