FansRave® Unveils Resources to Help Affiliate Marketers Enhance Revenues

We’re excited to announce the release of an infographic guide that helps affiliate marketers increase referral traffic dramatically, enhance revenues from affiliate links, and save popular deals in one convenient location.

This infographic walks through the benefits of creating a FansRave® profile, and the value of sharing coupons with readers through this channel.

“By creating a FansRave® profile, bloggers have the opportunity to save all of their coupons in one convenient location, and in return they will drive new users back to their blog, said Dave Gonynor CEO of FansRave®. “More traffic means more visibility, and therefore more people who will potentially buy the products you promote.” FansRave® also allows users to populate their profiles with geo-stamped deals targeting local users in nearby locations.

With a FansRave® profile, bloggers can build more followers for their website or blog and achieve even greater exposure.

FansRave® is free for consumers to use and supports affiliate links for couponers and coupon bloggers. It currently has hundreds of available deals at large national and regional retail chains.


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