Never Forget Your Michaels Coupon, JoAnns Coupon, or Hobby Lobby Coupon

Crafty Lady

How frustrating is it to forget your in-store Michaels coupon, JoAnns coupon or Hobby Lobby coupon at home?

Crafters know that every week Michaels, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby have their in-store 40% off coupon posted on their website.   Crafty Lady on FansRave® has made it easy for you to never miss these coupons.

Just click on: and you will see the latest in-store Michaels coupon, JoAnns coupon or Hobby Lobby coupon.  Crafty Lady is committed to making sure the weekly in-store coupons are always available on her profile as well as other crafting deals you may find of interest.

Here is how to make sure you don’t miss these Michaels, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby coupons.

  1. Create your account on FansRave®
  2. Visit the Crafty Lady profile at  On her profile you can follow all of the savings tabs or just follow the Weekly In-Store Coupons savings tab.
  3. Download the FansRave® smartphone app.  Then you can quickly access the coupons when you are out and about by using the Following view on the phone.
  4. If you have requested instant notifications you will also receive an email as soon as the latest coupon is saved to the Weekly In-Store Coupons savings tab.

Help Crafty Ladies Across the Country Save Money
Besides the in-store coupons Crafty Lady is tracking other crafting deals in the Crafting Supplies and Essentials savings tab. You can access the tab here:

You can help find great deals that will help other crafting ladies around the country.  Just message Crafty Lady on FansRave® and ask her to share the savings tab with you.  Then you can save deals and coupons that you find to the savings tab shared with you on the Crafty Lady profile.  The more crafting ladies finding and saving great deals the easier it is for everyone to save money.

If you are interested in just one of the retailers…
Perhaps you only care about Michaels coupons. On FansRave® Michaels, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby have their own business profiles. You can find their in-store coupons there as well. Here are the links:
Michaels Coupons –
JoAnns Coupons –
Hobby Lobby Coupons –

You can quickly find their profiles right from the Crafty Lady profile by clicking on the “Following” link in the stats bar. Here is the view:  You will also notice some of the Top Savers on FansRave® that the Crafty Lady follows.

Now you know how you can never miss your in-store Michaels coupon, JoAnns coupon or Hobby Lobby coupon.

Get together with your crafting friends and form your own local savings club on FansRave®. Save money for the weekend crops and have a great time!

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