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Grocery Guru

Saving money on groceries can feel like a full-time job.
– You have your coupon organizer file system.
– You have your favorite flyers coming to the house.
– You have your go-to coupon websites bookmarked.

You think you’ve got it all figured out. But now with mobile devices and advancing technology, there are so many new ways to save…
– Digital coupons
– Store Rewards cards
– Cash Back cards

It’s frustrating. And all you want to do is just save a few bucks on the things you regularly buy.

In every neighborhood there are people just like you. Every one is dealing with the same problem of trying to keep up with the best ways to find deals and save money on groceries. Seems like such a waste of everyone’s time.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were one place where you could engage with savvy shoppers and share a short savings tip?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to tell others about a new coupon site you just found, or a change in the coupon policy at your favorite grocery store?

We think we can help.

On FansRave® you will find the Grocery Guru. The Grocery Guru is the place for you to share your money saving tricks and for you to find shopping tips shared by couponers. It’s a give and take. The ultimate goal is for you to shave a larger percentage off your total grocery bill when engaging with a community of seasoned couponers.

Think of the Grocery Guru as the conversation starter. And the conversation is all about saving money on groceries at the stores you like to shop.

The Grocery Guru doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. Rather, the Grocery Guru is the place to share what you found.

To get the conversation going here is what you will find on the Grocery Guru profile.

You will find the online links to the leading coupon only websites like,, and You will find links to new coupon aggregation sites that find coupons based on your grocery list (Lozo) or pull together coupons from other coupon distribution sites (Penny Pincher Gazette).

You will find specialty coupon sites like Mambo Sprouts or sites that feature manufacturer coupons from P&G and General Mills. You will also find cash rebate sites like SavingsStar, UPromise and Checkout 51 that provide cash rebates when purchasing select items.

You will find the coupons pages to the top national grocery chains like Walmart and Target.

You will find your favorite grocery stores and links to their coupon savings pages organized by region of the country.

So What’s Missing?

What’s missing is you. You the grocery couponing expert … with your advice … and your money savings tips.

And that’s where you come in.
– Do you have a favorite coupon site that is easy to use and has great coupons?
– Do you have double coupon and matchup advice at the grocery stores you shop?
– Do you have a favorite coupon blogger that has great money saving advice?

Why don’t you share your expertise in a comment? When you share what you have learned, you’re making it easy for your friends, fellow deal hunters, and neighbors to save time and money.

FansRave® operates like Pinterest so if you know how to use Pinterest you will instantly know how to share a comment.

If the Grocery Guru is missing your favorite store or favorite coupon site just message us by clicking the message icon in the profile and tell us what to add.

Do you have more to say than just comments on Grocery Guru?

Then just setup your own FansRave® profile and…
– Create your own savings tabs
– Invite friends to share your savings tabs
– And Save local deals at all of your favorite stores

You see, that’s what FansRave® is all about. It’s the site you go to when you want to find, save and share at the places you like to shop and eat with friends, neighbors and family. It’s the site you go to when the conversation is all about deals, coupons and saving money.

Get started by joining the conversation with the Grocery Guru and share your money saving tips.

When you stop by the Grocery Guru, don’t hesitate to take a look at our other savings personalities like the Super Saver Coupon Mom, Frugal Fashionista or Crafty Lady. We have deals unique to every personality and interest. Explore the site. You never know what great deals you might find.

Join us on FansRave®.
We’ll be looking for your great savings tips!

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